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8/6/2014 12:00 AM 


 To   Professors of Military Science
Host Institutions

Angelina Flores
ROTC Administrator, Regional Activities

Subject Senior AUSA-ROTC Awards Program
Date 4 January 2016
In accordance with Cadet Command Regulation 672-5-1, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) will again provide AUSA-ROTC Medals to recognize outstanding leadership and academic achievements, and a book for excellence in the study of Military History where this course is offered.
Students in cross-enrolled programs must be counted with the cadets enrolled at the host institutions.


The Criteria:
  1. The recipient, shall be in the top 10% of the class in ROTC grades and shall be in the top 25% of the class in general academic grades.
  2. If the cadet satisfies the requirements of all of the above whom, in the opinion of the PMS, has contributed the most, through leadership, to advancing the standing of the ROTC unit and the Department of Military Science at the institution.
The following will be used to determine the number of medals authorized:
                       001 – 100     Advanced Course Cadets Enrolled – 1 Medal
                       101 – 200     Advanced Course Cadets Enrolled – 2 Medals
                       201 +           Advanced Course Cadets Enrolled – 3 Medals
A blank certificate will be furnished with each medal. The certificate shall be completed locally with the recipient’s name.
Chief Military History Award

The Chief of Military History will again made available for each award winner, a publication from the U.S. Army’s official history series. These will be used as an award to continue AUSA’s program of recognizing excellence in the study of Military History in ROTC units.

The specific publication has not been identified but will be an appropriate book. The criteria are set by the Professor of Military Science.

If, due to the manner in which history classes are scheduled, additional copies are required you must submit full justification to this office. The Military History course should be a part of the required ROTC curriculum, although it may be taught in another department of the school. NOTE: A pressure sensitive flyleaf identification label will be included with each publication.

The AUSA-ROTC Medal(s) with certificate(s) and the Military History publication with a flyleaf label are mailed together as a single package. A letter is also enclosed which gives you the name, address and telephone number of an AUSA representative in your local area so you may make arrangements for his/her, participation in your awards ceremony. Please contact this AUSA member as soon as possible so a representative can attend.

Note: If expedited shipping is requested, the school will be billed for the extra charge. Please ensure that all questions on the following page “REQUEST FOR 2016 SROTC AWARDS” are answered and legible. Not complying may delay processing of your request in a timely manner.

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