Army Reserve (AR) Programs 

11/3/2014 7:05 AM 

10 Reasons for Joining AUSA 

  1. Show you care by being a member of your Army’s professional organization.

  1. Be part of the AUSA Team – Active/Guard/Reserve, Retirees, Veterans, Army Civilian members and Family Members.

  1. Support AUSA’s mission: “Keep America’s Army Strong!”

  1. Be part of one of AUSA's 120 Chapters  that supports Soldiers and their Families.

  1. Brag that you are part of an organization that gave over $2.7 million to Soldiers and their Families in 2014. 

      6.    Attend AUSA’s world class Professional Development Annual Meeting and Exposition each October.

  1. Know that Capitol Hill listens when visited by AUSA members and presented with AUSA's annual Resolutions. 
  2. AUSA organizes many Symposia focusing on Military issues throughout the year.

  1. Receive important educational, advocacy and other like publications that support Army professional development.

  1. Get monthly copies of AUSA NEWS and ARMY Magazine.  Become empowered by reading Army news and articles. 

Show your professionalism by joining AUSA!

FACT:  From the AUSA published book "Once a Soldier . . . Always a Soldier, Soldiers in the 112th Congress",  there are 5 Senators who served in the Army Reserve.  In the House of Congress a total of 15 served in the Army Reserve; 2 of the 15 are still serving in the Army Reserve. 

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Click here to view LTG Jeff Talley describing his “32 Rally Points” at the 2012 AUSA Annual Meeting