2015 Headline News  


Milley: Big Army Advances Are a Decade Away

Rebuilding Army readiness will take years, with sweeping technological advances that could change how wars are fought not appearing until 2025 and beyond, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley said Jan. 21.


Army Stuck With Another Five Days of Temporary Funding

Still unable to reach bipartisan agreement on the $1.1 trillion appropriations bill needed to fully fund the federal government next year, lawmakers are giving themselves until Wednesday, Dec. 16, to try to reach a compromise.


Army Issues Safety Tips for the Holidays

With heightened concern about terrorist attacks, the Army is suggesting some steps soldiers and their families can take to be safer. They include looking a little less Army when off-duty.


Hallock: Take Risks When It Comes to Acquisition

Real success in reforming the Army’s acquisition progress requires taming a risk-adverse environment, Harry P. Hallock, the Army’s deputy assistant secretary for procurement, said Thursday at a forum sponsored by the Association of the U.S. Army.


2016 Defense Budget Partly Finished

Almost two months into the fiscal year, the 2016 defense budget is halfway to completion.