Resolutions Submissions 

From our Resolutions, the Directorate of Government Affairs builds a legislative strategy focused on the Fiscal Year budget request which is generally released every February.  The next formal resolutions process, pending approval of a change to the bylaws, will be in February 2017 so as to synchronize with the Department of Defense (DoD) budget cycle, Congressional authorization and appropriations cycle and the release of the Army budget, the Army Posture Statement and the Army legislative objectives which should provide for a more effective strategic document. In the mean time, Chapters and individual AUSA members are encouraged to submit proposed resolutions for committee consideration.


Based upon fact and logical reasoning
Clear and concise
Capable of implementation from a practical viewpoint
Reflective of AUSA's ethical standards
In accord with AUSA's overall aims and objectives as stated in Article II of the by-laws
Good for the Army and the nation it defends

You may want to refer to the 2016 resolutions as a point of departure. *Please note that AUSA does not use the "whereas" format when drafting resolutions. Supporting statements should be short and to the point.

Sample submission

Resolution submission format *Please Note: Resolutions not submitted in this format will be returned.

Members may submit proposed resolutions in any of the following ways:

1) Online (Members Only)

2) E-mail: 

3) Mail to:

Resolutions Committee
Government Affairs
Association of the U. S. Army
2425 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201