Would you eat gluten free MREs? 


AUSA Five Things:  A Weekly Tip Sheet for AUSA Members, dated May 9, 2016:   Ready for Gluten-Free MREs?

Meals, Ready-to-Eat have changed over the years, with vegetarian entrees and meals to meet religious restrictions now available. The House Armed Services Committee wants the Army to consider the impact of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease as it considers whether to add gluten-free MREs to the types of available meals, suggesting there are health and medical readiness issues involved.

What to watch: Gluten-free MREs briefly became a thing to oppose in the presidential campaign out of concern the suggestion was the result of political correctness rather than dietary needs.  However, the House committee wants the Army to provide a briefing in early February about whether gluten-free MREs make sense.

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